Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another year gone, another year to learn?

1 January, 2013 Although January 2nd has already begun considering it is 3AM already and I’m wondering why am I still not in bed reading/listening to music or asleep like I should be? Anyway, that’s usually the case and I don’t really make much of an effort to change the usual scenario. Why complain? The New Year’s was nothing exquisite and why would it even be? The year that went by was nothing exceptional and like they say it left many scars in the hearts of many people. There was nothing but sympathy that I could offer and soon all this became commonplace and I became immune to it. Be it the everyday mayhem, sudden incidents cropping up or the likes. But can we bury our past that quick? Do we not think about the ones we lose? Or do we not feel even a hint of remorse for the day to day killings and the childlike victims who are targeted every now and then? There are countless things to worry and ponder about but my mind fails to get a solution. The answer is yet to come but maybe it won’t, ever? Perhaps this is the way to go on rather move on in life and let simple pleasures make my day like a mouthful of three layered chocolate and walnut fudge brownies. Yeah? Happy 2013 everyone! Not much will change but here’s hoping that it does. Mariam

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